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About me.

Web developer

Hello! My name is Kirill, I am a freelancer and web developer from Ukraine.
Since 2017 I have been creating websites and web applications: landing pages, online stores, news sites, bots, and other web applications.

In my work, I put the wishes of the client and interest in the project in the first place, if any of this is missing, it means initially something went wrong. Speaking about myself, my hobby is playing to chess, programming, skiing, and of course web development.

Do you have project of a dream? So write now, and we discuss your project and work conditions step by step.

Personal information

  • NameKirill Kim
  • SpecializationWeb developer
  • FreelanceAvailable
  • CountryUkraine
  • Telegram@shillkas
  • Phone(+38) 095 605 4243


Websites development

Creating responsive websites from scratch, landing page, web stores, news sites, blogs and more.


Creating a modern web-applications, bots for social networks and instant messengers, parsers, internet services and more.

Web design

Development intuitive design for websites and web-applications.


SEO optimization and website promotion in search engines.


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